Here’s one I never thought I would be writing. Who would have thought that a pleasure seeker like me would have an opinion about caterers? The subject of catering brings to mind all the details that go into organizing an event. I can’t even get myself to list them all. It upsets my delicate balance between all I love to do and all those mundane things we have to do. And, you already know what a headache any event can become. No need to belabor the subject with details. Let’s just leave it at this… A great caterer can make your event better, easier, and less of a headache.

I have attended six large catered events over the last 18 month and two smaller, more intimate bashes. I can’t do a Top-10 from these dates because I got to experience only 5 catering companies. One company, fortunately my favorite, Catfish Express, catered four of the meals that I attended. I am overwhelmingly impressed with Catfish Express, happily enthusiastic about one other caterer and , shall we say, gastronomically disappointed in at least two. I won’t mention the names of these last two.

Catfish Express is the company that inspired this post. My desire to give back for all their wonderful food and gracious service is why I am writing it. But, to be fair, I want to mention another fine company as well.

Let’s start by highlighting Shavers Catering in Shreveport. They catered just one event that I attended, but managed to make a big impression. De-FREAKIN-licius!

Shavers’ menu highlights traditional Cajun dishes, but they serve most anything, filet-mignon, butterflied chicken breast, etc. all with a genuine down-home Louisiana flavor.

I did not get to meet any of their staff. Everything was served buffet style and refilled by graceful servers who were almost invisible as they glided in and out. I give them a 5-star rating.

But the real catering star is Catfish Express in Marshall, Texas. The fist thing that must be mentioned is that they cater everywhere! No kidding, my encounters with Catfish Express  included Natchez, Louisiana and Athens, Texas! That is quite a large radius, but owner, Randy Cox, tells me that this is just a fraction of the area they cover with their 7 mobile kitchens. You might find a Catfish Express truck or trailer anywhere in the ArlLaTex, and beyond. These folks travel!

Next is the food. Contrary to their company name, catfish is not their only specialty. They served ribeye steaks, with baked potato, salad, a vegetable side, cornbread and muffins, and cobbler for dessert at two of the event I attended. Their full menu includes just about anything you might want. Without exception, every dish I tried was delicious.

An unexpected highlight is their staff. Nice folks! Easy to talk to, smiling, and thoughtful. They even encouraged my husband to take an extra entree because, “a big man needs lots of good food!”

One host confided with me the cost per serving. Catfish Express is undoubtedly the best value in mobile catering in the region!

Thank you Catfish Express and Randy Cox for five enjoyable meals and a wonderful all-round experience.